Halfeti is a small, impoverished district on the banks of the river Euphrates in Sanliurfa Province, 120 km from the city of Sanliurfa. Most of the villages were flooded in the 1990s under the waters behind the dam on the Euphrates at Birecik. The town’s people were moved to the village of Karaotlak, the building of the new town is now complete. The old town of Halfeti is only partially submerged and is beginning to attract visitors. The countryside is also attractive, although the green valley of the past is now underwater. Until the area was flooded, the people lived by fishing in the Euphrates and farming on the riverbank, especially growing peanuts and the area's famous black roses. Since then tourism has picked up and the area is constantly visited by people wishing to see the amazing Zeugma Ruins close the town and the half submerged old town.